Love Letter to Sloane Nori

Dear Sloane, 

I write this as I hold you with my left hand and you lay on my heart. You will understand one day when you become a mom and learn to master the skill of getting things done with your child (insert laughs). Today my heart told me to express my love in words for you. 

Last year on February 14th, mommy and daddy were filled with so many emotions. We were so happy, so scared, so excited, oh and so confused. Last year on February 14th, I found out I was pregnant with you. On this day, the day that everyone shares so much love worldwide. I remember looking at the pregnancy test so happy but so worried. I just wanted everything to be okay, you to be a healthy, growing baby that would complete our growing family.

It was only right that I shared the news with daddy via a text by sending him a picture (inserts more laughs). What a special surprise he would see?! I’m so happy the lord gave me a bigger and better reason to celebrate this day with you, Vmax and daddy. The gift of finding out you’ve been blessed with a life is forever worth celebrating.

Now, today I hold you, a day before you turn four months old. I just feel so full inside of the love and completeness you bring me. You and your brother bring daddy and I more love in our hearts then we could ever express. 

Thank you for giving me the best valentines gift last year, this year and forever, of everlasting love! 



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