MY CHRISTMAS Checklist- "Tis The Season"

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It is the OFFICIAL Christmas countdown!!! It's exactly one week away.  This CHECKLIST is long overdue but I'm sure some of you are still getting your HOLIDAY life together.  Use some of these tips for next year and I'm sure some you can still put in some in action this week! 

Here's my CHECKLIST on how I prioritize and try to have a minimal stress free Holiday! 
1.  TREE goes up the day after Thanksgiving or the weekend before if I know it will be a hectic weekend.  I can't take the pressure from my six year old asking me every hour. (But it's never too late so get that TREE up TODAY!) 
2.  GIVE!!! Every year we find a way to bless others, which can come in many forms, do what works best for you.  Jesus is the reason for the season and spreading joy and love to others!
3.  Make a shopping list and stick to it!  I wrapped up shopping a week ago and it felt SO good!  If you haven't, try to finish by Friday.  
4.  Have kids send A letter to SANTA, stop trying to guess what they want or buy what you think they want.  You end up buying everything. The kids mail their Christmas List to Santa.  Santa brings one gift to each kid in our house so they put down three wishes and wait to be surprised at what he brings! 
5.  Plan Enjoyable moments with Friends and Family.  This year we skipped throwing our Holiday Party but attended many hosted by friends. I needed a break and enjoyed being invited.  Be intentional about creating your memories and take the time to enjoy those close to you.  Our highlights thus far this year was ENCHANTED light Maze, Gingerbread house making and game night with friends, and our friends annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Brunch!  Such fun times we all got to enjoy together and with friends. 
6.  Get your WRAPPING done early!!! My goal is FRIDAY, what's yours?  We have some under the tree now.  Don't wait until the night before if you can, enjoy that off day doing nothing, baking treats, eating gumbo and relaxing. 
7.  Have a good cocktail recipe and cozy clothing!  My go-to Holiday Cocktail is the Red Berry Ciroc Cosmo.  We'll see what I pull together this year,  I'll be sure to share! 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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