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Cheers to 2 YEARS of business! Enjoy 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE, NO DISCOUNT CODE NEEDED! (Discount will automatically reflect in your cart and at checkout.)
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The last Sunday in January (Grammys Night) a few girlfriends and I decided to get together and visualize our goals for 2018 with a Vision Board Fiesta!  I know it sounds so cliché.  When the New Year comes around everyone is yelling “New Year, New Me”! Pivoting away from the typical New Year resolutions, we took this time to set some achievable goals and inspire one another.

After flipping through a few magazines, laughing through a few cocktails and attempting to find that “perfect image” of what was on the list of accomplishments, we discovered the true value of this time together.   This moment sparked more then what we thought we wanted for ourselves; it brought on truthful conversation, it ignited new visions and ideas, and inspired each of us to really want a little more than what we walked in with that evening. 

Check out my top takeaways and goal setting advice from our evening of visualizing.  If you haven’t set some goals to crush for the year, take some time with friends or alone to identify what you want to conquer in 2018!

Creating Your Own- If there is something you aspire to do, just do it!  Create your own, whatever that may be; business, travel group, or “It Girl” experience. Just make it happen for you and I am sure you will find others along the way to include in the journey.

Write it Down- Last year I never made it to the part of completing my vision board, but what I did do was write down my goals in a journal.  I broke down the different categories of my life, and I set a goal of what I wanted to do that year.  I was able to check some things off during the year and remind myself of what I wanted to accomplish which kept me focused.  Even better, I was able to use this exercise to reflect and evaluate my life at the start of the year.  It allowed me to think about what I did, what I didn’t do and truly dig deep in myself for what my intentions would be this year. 

Share- When you find something good, whatever it may be, share it with your girlfriends.  Do not hold back on the goods that can motivate, make a day, or bring on a good laugh.  Whether it’s a podcast, article, new app, song or beauty tip.  These are the things that keep your girl community going and growing.  Build each other up; help make each other’s goals and lives powerful. 

Value your relationships- Good people are hard to find.  Invest in your relationships, grow and build upon them.  When you support one another and are truly committed to seeing others win, you win!  Make time for you and commit to yourself and goals but be there and commit to others. Having that foundation of great spirits along your journey will make things so much more fulfilling. 

Cheers to a New Year of owning and going after what you want!

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