Sloane's Cali Fiesta: 4 Affordable Party Planning Hacks

After throwing Sloane's 1st Birthday last year I told myself I wasn't doing a "BIG" anything when she turned two.  In this day of doing too much, I really try to do cut down on non-essentials for my family. That went out the window when we decided to go to LA, my home, the weekend of her birthday.  Without a doubt, I had to celebrate her birthday with friends and family back home.  Living in D.C., we miss out on spending holidays and birthdays with my family and having that moment to celebrate Sloane with them was super exciting and special for me.  We also know I love a little party too!   Life was very hectic leading up to our trip to Los Angeles, so planning this function wasn't at the forefront.  So below are four tips on how I threw an easy, cute, and affordable last minute FIESTA! 
1.  Location
When the weather is great, your home or a family member's is the perfect vibe and it's FREE! We threw Sloane’s intimate fiesta in my sister’s backyard.
2.  Food
Hire a taco man! Super affordable and delicious. They set-up, cook everything fresh on site, and serve your guests! 
If you are in the SoCal area, check out !
3.  Decor
Amazon Prime for the WIN with all our the last minute decor and party necessities. Life gets busy and things slip your mind. I was able to locate affordable last minute fiesta touches with free two day shipping! (Llama piñata, and piñata party stuffer, party bags, cake topped, Mexican serape table runners, tableware party pack, and inflatable cooler.
Balloons & Cake
4.  The morning of the party, I swung by the neighborhood grocery store and picked a cake from the bakery and grabbed balloons from the florist. Everything we needed was there with no pre-planning attached.
That's All! I hope this helps someone in a last minute party bind, or just looking for some easy affordable ideas. We don't have to make everything special complicated.   We really enjoyed celebrating Sloane Nori with friends and family! 

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