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What guests will experience and walk away with from A CHIC SOCIAL 

Yoga & Meditation Wellness Experience at The Eaton Wellness Center 

This practice will be led by Nya.  Nya has practiced yoga for the last 16 years and taught for the past seven.  Her mission in sharing the practice of Yoga is to create a nurturing space where one can explore and connect with the body, heart and mind.   She hosted her first annual women’s retreat in November of 2019 in her homeland Ethiopia. This year she was featured in Jade Yoga’s 2020 calendar photographed in Dallol, Afar Depression, Ethiopia.  

Guests will leave receiving a guided practice that is “meditative and facilitates a way for opening not only the body, in the mind, but more importantly -- opening the heart.”

Following the practice guests will take 15 minutes to do a reflective journal exercise with prompts.  

A full Buffet Lunch catered by Eaton Hotel 

(Lunch will have Gluten Free and Vegan Options)

lunch will be served with tea, coffee and water

 Eaton Hotel “is a global purpose- driven company and creative lab at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness, and progressice social change.”  This year's location was intentional as it represents the mission and vision of ACS. 

 Intentional Table Dialogue & Activity focused around

Self-Care & Community

 A moderated conversation led by Kyla Canzater on daily self -affirmations and activity.  Guests will leave with personal affirmations to incorporate in their day to day growing. Kyla, created Pink Proverb (her blog) with the goal of spreading a lifestyle of positivity through the use of affirmations and living a balanced life. Kyla’s life journey of finding purpose through her pain is much of what she shares on Pink Proverb.

 Personal Headshot Session with AMBER IRIS Photography

 Guests will receive a ten minute photo block for their personal headshot session with Danielle Flower of Amber Iris photo.  This photo session is to evoke the emotions of “the beauty in finding time for yourself.” Come in your CHIC athleisure wear.  You’ll be sent a link following the event to pick your personal complimentary head shot. Feel free to come with or without make-up.  Whatever nurtures your soul of feeling your most complete self.   

 Danielle Flowers is a natural light photographer who specializes in lifestyle photography and portraiture.  She doesn’t just snap images. She captures authentic moments and feelings, which I feel are the true essence of a photograph.

 A beautifully curated flower takeaway from Taylor Grace Designs

This will move the day’s energy from our space to your personal space. Setting the tone for your week of self-care, enjoyment, and an open heart to feed your soul, mind and body on a day to day basis.  

 All guests will be provided with everything they need for the day.  I ask that you only bring YOURSELF, come dressed in Chic Athleisure wear that makes you feel good photographed, and excited to spend half your day caring for you and no one else. 

Purchase your ticket to A Chic Social!