Thinking of exploring fashion rentals? Have you tried a rental and it turned into a complete bust? As a Personal Stylist and Boutique Owner here’s my expert advice to you.

  • Keep a fashion rental service in the rotation 
  • Use it as a resource to be a conscious fashion consumer 
  • Have a plan for why and when you use your fashion rental service 

A fashion rental subscription should not replace you building an essential wardrobe of clothing staples. Instead it's meant for you to expand your access to brands and be more thoughtful in your fashion footprint. 
When I suggest you use Fashion Rentals: 

  1. Black-Tie Events 
  2. Preparing for a conference or vacation
  3. Photo Shoot  
  4. Rediscovering your new Style

I understand the pain for some in using a service like this and still not achieving your style vision. Hiring a trusted expert who knows your body type, style goals, and needs will help you maximize the use of a clothing rental service. Yes, some of the rentals have their own stylists there to assist but how well do they really know you? It may work for some but it doesn’t compare to seeking advice from someone who truly understands your goals, body type, and all the details in between.  That is only achieved through a 1:1 client and expert relationship. 

For example: My clients will book a consultation and I help them select items that fit their event, conference, etc.  through their preferred rental service. 

Styling the garment to your Personal Style is still the big piece to you loving the look and feeling the investment in the service was well worth it. 

This week I shared my experience with Rent the Runway and where to start with Fashion Rentals if you are new to them or would like to use them better. 

Check out the guide and video reviews below:

Fashion Rentals Starter Guide HERE
My Rent The Runway Review as a Personal Stylist HERE
Rent The Runway Try-On HERE!

Looking to uncover more about how to achieve your Personal Style goals?  Book a complimentary discovery call with me to discuss. 

With Style, 

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