Manifest & Create Your 2021 FASHION VISION With 4 Easy Steps

Manifest & Create Your 2021 FASHION VISION With 4 Easy Steps

Happy New Year!  As we move into a new year of life and opportunities, I encourage you all to reset and identify all areas of your life, even your FASHION choices! I know, I know, it's a pandemic, who's getting dressed?! I am, and I hope you are, or you endeavor to. With that said, let's OWN our PERSONAL STYLE by creating a vision! I strongly believe when you look good, you feel good, which sets the tone for how you move through your day-to-day.  

Use this vision to plan for business and social engagements, photo shoots, and everyday life styling goals. You can create this masterpiece digitally or on paper, your preference! Below are four steps to creating your fashion vision board. 

STEP 1- List five words that describe your 2021 Fashion Vision! 

What immediately jumps to mind when you think about what you want to achieve when getting dressed? Now think of a word you would want someone to use when describing your personal style? Jot those down and go a little deeper. Think about how you want to enhance your personal style, what words represent that?  View my words below to get your mind going. Now it is your turn, GO!  

STEP 2- Find Images (minimum of 5) that reflect the words you chose to describe your vision!

Now that you have your words, find photos that reflect what you are visualizing. Use Pinterest, Instagram, Google images, or magazines to select your images of inspiration. Start a Pinterest board, or a folder to store your screenshots on your device. Below is an example of my Pinterest board I created to help me with the process.

STEP 3- Think about 5 things you want to invest in for your wardrobe. Find photo inspiration for those items.  

Need a closet overhaul or just one or two great pieces to step your wardrobe game up?!  Just like above in STEP 2, find images of those items and save them with your inspiration photos. On your board you can add notes, symbols, or phrases to magnify your inspiration.


Time to finalize the FASHION VISION for 2021! Grab a photo of you in your favorite look of 2020. Use this image as your center image and now get creative and build your words and images around it to create your collage. Included below is my 2021 Fashion Vision that I created on canva. Need inspiration on making your collage? Search for mood board templates to give yourself a starting point.  For digital boards you can also use keynote or powerpoint to build out your vision board. After completion, save your image of your board to your phone and use it as your screensaver to keep you inspired daily. You can also print your image and hang it in your closet or bathroom for daily reminders and inspo. I am sharing my 2021 vision below!!!

Enjoy this time focusing on one specific part of your life. It is not about having all the things but just a few that serve your body and make you look and feel good inside and out. I hope you enjoyed this activity. Please share on social by tagging @shopmdotross #FashionVisionChallenge. If you are not on social media, feel free to send a note to!  



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