Our Fall capsule made a pivot like most of us the last six months.  When curating this capsule and maintaining a fashion focus that was current and reflective of where we are in our lives.  Not losing the desire of looking and feeling your best for you, first and foremost.  This collection brings you comfort, beauty, and channels the movement of minimalism.  Needing less is something that has been much of my restorative healing work over the past year after eye opening travels last September.  Even more now, that thought has been magnified, highlighted and lived out in many ways.  My boutique is influenced by my lifestyle fashion lens.  It's not influenced by forecast or fast fashion trends.  It's thoughtful, intentional, and a journey of hand selected items that I hope grow and evolve in women's wardrobes by their own personal style touch.  These pieces are meant to be accessorized, worn weekly, transformed when the season changes: your tried and true go-to's.
Presenting this new capsule collection, I not only want to showcase the garments, I want to give you just a deeper look into my LIFESTYLE and what's very important to me.  So I choose to show and tell by highlighting three black designers on three things at my heart.  
1.  VOTING-  Go Vote because your vote counts and it matters!  Encourage friends, family and your community to do the same.  Support organizations and brands that are helping reach those you can not reach.  I supported the When We All Vote X Brother Vellies partnership by purchasing custom "When We All Vote" keds and socks to help raise money for the WWAV non-profit organization.  100% of the purchase price is donated to WWAV to help lead and excite people to make their voice heard through voting.  Each sneaker is inscribed by hand by Brother Vellies founder Aurora James. 
2.  BUY BLACK- Make a commitment to help empowering and driving the Black community by staying committed and steadfast to investing your dollars in black businesses, organizations and advocacy.  For this capsule, I wanted to layer on an accessory that was bold but complemented every hue, texture, and silhouette.  As I was in the market for a new bag that showcased luxury and versatility, I decided to reach out to my friend Jason Mckissic, founder of SUNDRIES.  Sundries is an American based brand that creates and crafts custom leather goods.  After an exchange of phone calls and mood boards, Jason was able to deliver this beautifully crafted, lux handbag.  Learn more about the brand and process from our fashion chat here.  
3.  Stay Safe by protecting yourself, family, friends and community by wearing a mask! #MASKUP  Photographed in a mask purchased from Tylor Jay, designed and made in Oakland, California.  
In the love of fashion and change please VOTE, and make it a lifestyle of supporting and empowering the black community and businesses. Visit, take the pledge, share and view a full directory of black businesses.  

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