Space Organization & Function for Home Life & Virtual Schooling

Space Organization & Function for Home Life & Virtual Schooling

Photo by Danielle of Amber Iris Photography

Happy back to school! Some of us are just getting started and others are two weeks in the game. I have enjoyed seeing all the creative and fun back to school nooks, and classroom set-ups! We shared our nook set-up in my friends recent blog post on DC Moms blog, check it out here! It is a very good read and it gives you several ideas for inspiration depending your space size.  

My second grader's work nook!

My second grader's Virtual Learning Nook.

A glimpse of my daughter's foldable desk that can be moved around the house and stored nicely.  See the next photo for how easily it slides in the corner. 

My children's Art, Reading and Learning wall located in their room.

My share today is just some quick and helpful ways to help you organize the kids space for B2S virtual learning and home life. I’m sure all the supplies, learning materials, toys and activities will soon take over.  I’m hoping this is of use to some still figuring it out or just looking for a new look and process. :)

My family and I have a two bedroom apartment so everything needs a home and place for me to be mentally sane. Can you relate?! 

Below are my top four finds for all the things that need a home in your house! 

  1. Group and organize toys in a functional way so that children are able to access and put away. This should also flow with your room aesthetic if you want to consider your style and decor.  My storage bins of choice are the Linus Cube Bins, made from clear Resipreme plastic with integrated handles. They come in two different sizes. They are great for closet and shelf organization. I use these to organize the learning activities and toys. The kids are able to grab the bin of their choice: music, puzzles, LEGOs, etc... This is a perfect way to teach kids order and systems in keeping their belongings together.  I love that they’re clear so the kids are able to easily see what’s in what, and what belongs where when cleaning up. Link below to check them out!  

The Container Store 

 2.  Ikea Peg Boards for the Win!  You can use these for absolutely everything: craft supplies, art gallery display, or bulletin board. Great for storage and  easy to access for the kiddos. You can find boards and accessories online and in-store at IKEA stores. 


Ikea pegboard

 3.  Caddy Totes! These are great for a number of things. I personally feel like I’m always trying to find something in the containers of arts and craft supplies. My children are always asking me to help get something. With the caddies, this gave us additional organized storage for the remainder of our supplies that don’t fit on the pegboards.  One is used for painting supplies, another for art projects, and each kid has their own for all their work supplies. On top of that, we have one for the dining room as our command center. That way during virtual learning all supplies are easy and accessible at all times for less distractions. Below are two links to the ones I love. Of course the one with the handle makes it easy for the kids to pick up and the other spins for the littles to find exactly what they want. 


Target Caddy Tote

Target Spinning Turntable 

4.  For all those papers your littles have; construction paper, artwork, worksheets etc... Grab these file boxes and folders to make it easy to hold and organize all these things. There’s not one way to make these work. I use one for each kid to store their art by each month and any extra miscellaneous papers. I then use an extra one to organize the colored paper etc. Below is a link to the file boxes I bought to keep the organizational aesthetic consistent. 

Target Clear File Box

Be sure to leave a comment or send a note if this was helpful or gave you some inspiration.  My goal is to share more chic home organization tools and hacks that can be used not just on small spaces but any space!



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