Styling Tips for Brand Photography 

Hey there, and happy Monday to all of you taking the time to read this post!  Below I will share a few tips on how to style and prepare for a brand photography shoot.  I hope this gives you a little motivation to plan out your brand style and aesthetic.  If this does not come second nature to you, I suggest hiring someone to help with styling you (like myself) to help you deliver a consistent, sharp and professional brand story.  I promise the investment will save you time and money down the road.  We can always chat in more detail by emailing me at to set up a consultation.  In the meantime dive into the gems below.   
What your "TOP THREE" Style Focuses should be when planning for a Brand Shoot?! 
1.  Know your brand colors and aesthetic before investing in a photoshoot.  Your first brand photoshoot should visually establish what people can expect to feel from your brand.  Whether that is "Bright and Bold", "Mute and Minimal", or "Vintage and Rustic," it should be represented from the start in your images.  You, yourself, need to reflect that vision as well.  Keeping your looks classic with the right amount of pop to tie in your brand.  Below is an image of my client Kharima Wilson of Taylored Grace Designs.  I had the pleasure of styling her for her Brand Shoot.  Her typical style is fun and bold.  We took that but stayed focused on her floral and special occasions design brand to give a variety while maintaining her brand story.  It was key to achieve classic brand photos while maintaining her personality and unique style as well.  
2.  Pick a variety of looks that reflect different parts of your lifestyle.  Something casual, elevated, and something fun that makes your brand stand out.  Below are examples of multiple looks we achieved in Kharima's brand shoot.  
Example 1- Elevated
Example 2- Classic
Example 3- Fun Lifestyle
3.  Wear things that make you feel comfortable.  Know what areas you prefer not to highlight in photos and be sure to camouflage those special places.  You want to love your photos so communicate these things with the photographer up front.  Shop with purpose by selecting clothing that is forgiving in the areas you do not love, and be sure to wear the correct undergarments and shapewear.
The "TOP THREE" Style Mistakes people make doing a Brand Shoot! 
1. Going into a photoshoot without trying on outfits prior.  Never go to a photoshoot without trying on your outfits! This is the worst thing you can do for yourself and pockets.  Try on every outfit with different shoes, bras, etc...  You may need alterations, and you may notice you can style it multiple ways to show versatility in your brand looks.  You want to break your outfits in as if they were a new pair of shoes.  Start practicing poses, know if it rides up in certain areas, bunches, wrinkles easily etc... Find out all that before, not in your photos.  
2.  Do NOT go TRENDY.  You want these photos to be timeless like your brand so your clothing needs to reflect that.  You don't want to look back at the photos and they've gone out of style three months later or do not align with your brand or can never use the photos again.  That just sucks! 
3.  Do NOT cut corners.  Don't cut corners with the quality of your clothing and styling.  You do not want to look cheap if your product or brand is not right?!  Also invest in a good photographer!!!  Who wants to spend all their time and money prepping for an awesome photoshoot and the images delivered are horrible.  When you do everything right the first time you'll be happy and fulfilled with your investment.  
All the photos in this blog post were photographed by Danielle Flowers of Amber Iris Photography.  She offers a Brand Content Creation Mastermind workshop that allows you to produce amazing foundation photos for your brand.  
I hope these easy tips are helpful and get your mind going.  I would love to hear your thoughts on if this was helpful.  

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