A Chic Social 2020: Affirming Time for Self-Care + Wellness

A Chic Social 2020: Affirming Time for Self-Care + Wellness

All Photos by Danielle Flowers of Amber Iris Photo

A Sunday I will never forget… The calm before the storm… My heart and mind hopes you all are safe and in good health today and the days to come.  I share these words to paint a picture for those who were unable to experience… I share with those who attended to replay that moment and ignite the feelings of taking time for yourself… I share these words to inspire, motivate, and thank those who support this mission and community that empowers women seeking to live FULL and WELL.  

When searching for the words to describe this year's event, my mind goes into a silence.  Not that I don’t have words, but I am still speechless from the overflowing love, fellowship, fulfillment and perfection that filled the space this year at ACS.  

Earlier this year, I questioned the direction my heart was leading me with ACS.  I almost let fear hold me back from elevating this experience, and solely focusing this time to convene and empower one another through care of our well-being. I am glad I fought fear and leaned into faith, passion and purpose.  A SOLD OUT event in one week, was just the bud of confirmation. I am grateful I was given the gift to serve women, and I hold the superpower of gathering women of all walks of life.  

I Affirm: “Everything I desire is within me” -unknown-

Sometimes you just need a break to love yourself often, fully and freely.  A Chic Social gave this to the twenty something women in attendance. A collective effort from women with great minds and undeniable talents lended their time and passion to create this mini retreat.

Kharima, of Taylored Grace Designs, set the tone of the experience with individual blooms for each guest.Danielle, of Amber Iris Photo, brought welcoming energy and excitement to the room and captured every smile, breath, laugh, and movement through the click of her camera.  

Nya, of Yoga with Nya, set the tone with affirmations, journaling, yoga flow and a closing prayer, that left us connected to our mind, heart and body.  

Kyla, author of Healthy Self, Heal Thy Self calendar & journal, equipped us with tools and prompts to guide us through healing and affirming our mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.  

Every year, I envision an experience that will leave women full.  I am unable to do this alone. The women I partner with, each inspire me in my personal life journey. I wholeheartedly believe in their message, talent, and I’m beyond grateful they are willing to share with other like-minded women.

“Everyone won’t support your growth, and still, you must choose to bloom.” Alex Elle

I Affirm: “I choose to bloom, in all seasons” 

A guided afternoon of table talk surrounding gratitude and reflection.  We indulged in delicious cuisine, sipped our coffee and tea, and celebrated us, as women.  We acknowledged our battles, released pain, received love, and took time to connect. A safe space to feel comforted, celebrated, and completely okay with where we are in life.  A purposeful day of making time to interact with others and care for “thyself” all in a safe space. 

“Be gentle with your healing.  Start over as many times as you need to.” Alex Elle 

I Affirm: “I will continue to be vulnerable and share, as it is the best therapy for me and helps others” 

Some ladies won great giveaways from our awesome sponsors…

Bathe Brand, Jade Yoga, Amber Iris Photo, Loza Tam, Culture Fit, Dimensional Athletica, Core 72, and Mezan Apparel.  

All women in attendance went home with self-care totes filled with goodies they could use when carving out daily time for themselves.  Swag bags included…Candid Tea, Jade Yoga, Soapbox Soaps, Skin Scholars, Dress it up Dressing, Cozy Wicks Candle Co, and Hotel Chocolat

I am beyond thankful for the continued support from people, brands, and businesses that believe in the vision and mission of A Chic Social.  Every year the need for this event and safe space is confirmed and I look forward to growing my partnerships, and relationships to continue to make ACS the best experience ever.  

If I close with a favorite moment of ACS, it’s with this.  When you meet new people or walk into an unfamiliar space you automatically have your guard up.  To see people leave hugging some they’ve never met, exchanging contacts, and celebrating their birthday with me at ACS leaves me on a high to stay dedicated to this passion project.  Thank you!

In this tough time our world faces, stay focused on better days to come, release the thought of fear, and continue to find time for yourself, and affirm and manifest the things you want in your life.  Take time to reflect, check in on friends and family, and take care of you! Check out my post on reflection here.  

I look forward to seeing old faces and welcoming new faces to ACS 2021.  I’ll be sure to keep this community alive throughout the year. I would love for you to share any personal testimonials, feedback or value for this community by emailing me at info@mdotross.com










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