85 To Africa: Morocco, Trip of A Lifetime

85 To Africa: Morocco, Trip of A Lifetime

The Holy City


Fez was by far the highlight of visiting Morocco. From Rabat, we drove through the Moroccan countryside to Fez. On the drive, we stopped to take in the amazing view of the Holy City. What a view. The beginning to this experience was already more than what I expected. Further down the road we stopped in Meknes for lunch. 

Lunch in The Medina

That evening we arrived to our hotel, Jnan Palace. After a full day of exploring Rabat and the countryside roads of Morocco we enjoyed French cuisine and Moroccan red wine.

Now, why was Fez my highlight?! The next morning our guide and resident of Fez (guide for the day) took us to The Médina (Old City) of Fez, the largest in Morocco and third largest in the world. This is where we spent our day roaming some of the 9,000 something alley ways, observing artists, copper-men, daily prayers, and mint tea. Fully immersed in their day-to-day, in a world of the most beautiful mosaic architecture that I’d ever seen. 

1 of the 9,000 plus allies in The Medina

Chouara Tannery

That evening we were hosted for dinner by a local family. Such a warm welcome and amazing evening from start to finish. Dinner starts from sweet and moves into savory dishes in their tradition. Every bite was seasoned to taste, satisfying, and unique to their culture.

I would love to return, stay in a hotel in The Médina, and spend even more time hanging with the locals.

Jewish Cemetery


Rabat was such a peaceful and charming city and is the Capitol of Morocco. Here we walked the souks, witnessed the quarrels among the locals and learned so much about the Moroccan, French and Roman history that lives there.

From the breath taking sea views, beautifully constructed architecture of the Oudaya Kasbah, the Royal Palace and the Roman city of Volubilis, we were left rich with knowledge viewing our world history in person.


An eight hour drive through the Atlas Mountains full of stops; scenic views, coffee in Ifrane, and digesting the world through this lens I only had dreams of.

Not only was I in Africa but I was out in the middle of nowhere trusting my life in the hands of a driver (absolutely amazing) and local guide. I mean, WOW, this is what you call living your best life?!

Swanky, evolved, and lively are how I best describe the feels of Marrakech. The city is full of art, fashion and magical experiences.

Souks of  Marrakech

The souks never slept. The locals working hard to stick every haggle. Drums, snake charmers, bells, whistles, and fire blazing theatrics. Laughs, smiles, and whispers of French, Arabic, Spanish filled the streets and conversations of those surrounding me. “Barack, Michelle” they called and all we could do was laugh, smile, and begin conversation on how we too missed them.

Views from El Fenn rooftop

Fine dining on rooftops of foreign allies, cocktails, cigars,and live jazz in world renowned hotels. I’d say it was dreamy, a much needed break, but more so, an experience I would never forget!

La Mamounia


Casablanca was our last stop before heading back to our two and six year old (we missed them dearly) and the jobs that pay our bills. :)

Next to Fez, this was my second top highlight from this glorious vacation. We were able to make it to Casablanca right in time for Friday prayer at the Hassan II Mosque. Seeing everyone come together during that moment was magical and instantly brought me to reflect on where I was in life, where I’d like to be, what I’d like to discover and where I need focus back in.

Hassan II Mosque

The beauty in culture and community is so powerful. A gratifying moment of reflection. Taking in the sun, and sounds of waves from La Corniche brought so much peace to my heart.

Sharing this experience with my husband, best friend Kendra of ten plus years and her husband Brandon made this trip even more memorable and fun. All of our firsts to Africa. We also were so fortunate to meet some wonderful people from all around who were well traveled and shared their experiences. This trip scratched our itch and heightened our yearn for more worldly adventures.

So blessed to close this decade out with a life changing experience. If you have specific questions or would like our travel agents contact, send me a note to info@mdotross.com! Below are a few of our favorite hotels and restaurants we visited for quick reference.



Morocco Hotel and Restaurant Guide


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