"Give Back in the name of Fashion"-Charity Soirée

"Give Back in the name of Fashion"-Charity Soirée
“Fashion makes you feel great, and do great things.” Monique Ross
It all started with a small conversation surrounding fashion. This afternoon a girlfriend and I were speaking about making a consignment haul, which then turned into an idea of a swap party, which then turned into a  Soirée that helped bring a deserving family a very Merry Christmas!
This event was created to give away some great designer pieces in exchange for monetary donations to help with funding Christmas for a family of 5. That’s when “Give back in the name of Fashion” emerged. After spamming a few friends to help with some last minute coordinating, gathering some inventory from friends who had way to many days of Retail therapy; this Charity Soirée was in full swing.
We secured a venue, advertised via social media and with the help of a few supportive friends and family; we were able to pull off our first annual “Give back in the name of Fashion” Charity Soirée.
The event brought in $575 in donations. Five hundred in cash donations and seventy-five in toy donations towards fulfilling our adopted family’s Christmas Wish List. This was such a huge help and making their Christmas a special one. It truly takes a village to raise each and every child.
“Each of us can make a difference, and all of us ought to try,” Barack Obama.
We cannot wait to host this event next year and bless more families.

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