I Expanded My Reality With 29 Rooms

I Expanded My Reality With 29 Rooms

29 Rooms Expand Your Reality by Refinery29 was the perfect "Girls Night Out."  We danced, sipped wine and thoroughly enjoyed all the artistic installations.  

I had the chance to attend the VIP first look party and here were my room highlights!
A Long Line of Queendom in collaboration with Unbothered
It an artistic representation of our black excellence as women.  "Say my Name" it is achievement, it is beauty, it is power and I am unapologetic about all of ME! 
The Values Stand in collaboration with ACLU- #rightsforall
A Conversation with your inner child
This interactive installation had you write a note to your younger self, giving yourself advice then of what you know and have learned now in life.  Such a moment of thoughtful reflection.
Another super dope interactive room was the Female Storytellers in collaboration with the Shatterbox initiative.  RF29 is dedicated to change statistics of women directed films and this room gave you the opportunity to start the narrative of what story you would tell.  I left with notes to start my film.  
Check out more highlights and videos via my instagram @mdotross  .
Find my complete fall look at SHOP M DOT ROSS .  Be sure to follow the shop on IG @shopmdotross .  
I strongly recommend going more then once if you can.  If you want to socialize and take in all the amazing collaborations and mind capturing experiences.  The exhibit is in D.C. until the 27th so grab a ticket or two.  It is also heading to LA this November!  
Learn more about 29Rooms here.  

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