Yes Kids are Allowed: Winter Wine Trip

Which one are you? A friend with kids who is always looking for sitters to enjoy the festivities planned by your friends without kids? But sitters are expensive AF, so time is always limited.  Or are you the friend who doesn’t have the extra baggage but a handful of your friends you like to include have kids? You don’t want to leave them out, but they just have so many scheduling factors you don’t want the headache.  Well here’s the perfect idea for your next birthday, holiday, or just fun weekend with the ones you like and love.  This past weekend, we enjoyed celebrating a dear friend's birthday. When friends with no kids invite your entire family to crash the party. That’s love!
A cozy Airbnb and Wine anyone? It’s just as good as Netflix and Chill time.
A country style Virginia Airbnb walking distance from Barrel Oak Winery and more.
Here’s all you need...
  1. Designate a team of chefs or hire one if you are money bags.
  2. Pour up, play games and just enjoy an awesome weekend. It can be as planned or not planned as you like for a really awesome time either way.
Thanks for this memory Dana! The year is off to a solid start. Making time for great memories, new adventures, and impromptu photo shoots.

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