A Chic Social Beauty + Wellness Edition

What brings you fulfillment? What brings you peace?  How do you decide how to spend your time and share your space?  I think about this a lot, even more as I start to move in a more intentional way of self-healing to care for myself both physically and mentally.  This year’s theme for A Chic Social was planned with great intention, to protect the overall mission of this community, to give those in attendance a day of relaxation and peace, and to create a positive vibe that allowed you to socialize and attract a common energy.  I can say in this third year I am so full from seeing how this community continues to grow.  I am full with happiness from the love and support.  I am blessed for the relationships, the old faces, and the new that commit their time to meet new women, listen to their stories, share their perspectives, and just enjoy great fellowship.  


A Chic Social is the most fulfilling passion project of mine.  I created this space and community during a moment of getting back to me and learning to be vulnerable in finding support and like-minded women that wanted that as well.  Every year, I seek support from women that inspire me and align with the experience and have motivating stories that I believe should be shared.  

Thank you Kyla, for sharing your journey of living beyond your pain and inspiring others who have health challenges (known and unknown) that there is positive healing through the challenge.

Thank you Nya for setting the tone and energy so we were able to take a mental break, set intentions and move our bodies at our own speed.  Dedicating your lifestyle to serving and helping others in some form or fashion while intertwining your passion for fulfillment that creates your own balance is bold and courageous. 


Thank you Milan, for sharing your craft and intention behind your brand and promoting good health and a healthier lifestyle within our communities.  Moreover, being authentic and true on how you are still discovering the balance and acknowledging making time to breath like we did in our yoga flow is important.  


During this conversation I took note to many topics we could uncover deeper;  the ability to have access, our identity and how it influences how we operate, and  how we move and navigate our days with positive purpose.  I am looking forward to continuing these discussions.

The energy in the room was warm. I loved seeing how you all connected, exchanged laughs and stories. I hope you were able to take something home that really made you feel good inside, whether it was a moment, or something from our amazing Beauty + Wellness vendors: Lipp Beauty, Laws of Nature Cosmetics, Candid Tea and Cyntherapy


Now I ask, have you all started your Spring skin regimen?  Did you put on the right amount of sunscreen on today?  Thank you Nia for that amazing demo, be sure to keep up with her awesome tips and content on the Well Kept Beauty app.

Our tasty bites and sips were provided by Flower Child and The Cultured Kombucha.  Flower Child newly opened in Foggy Bottom last month so swing by.   The Cultured Kombucha is at The Spice Suite the second Wednesday of every month from 5pm-8pm, but check out her website for all the pop-ups! 


I hope there are many blessings flowing in all your lives and that you all are enjoying your week and making a little time each day to find some time and space to care for yourself in all ways.  Make sure you put those Swag Bags to great use and use all the beauty goodies inside. Thank you to all my amazing swag bag partners for sending you all home with some treats.  Be sure to check them out below! 


Thank you for supporting this mission, community and me!  I look forward to future connections and bringing you more experiences to enjoy one another.  

This event was captured so beautifully by Isis Nishae, be sure to check her out.  

Have a purposeful and successful week and I hope your Spring is full with tons of sunshine to thrive and be great! 



  A Chic Social 2019 Partners 

3D Lashes by professional makeup artist @beatbyye
Skin Scholars - Bringing up "Legacy Skin Love" from their family table to your home.
Estee Lauder- Head to one of the DMV locations to enjoy your complimentary services.
MONAT - Check out @jenharkleroad for more info on MONAT premium hair goodies.

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